Travel Joy Bots

Travel Joy Bots. Find them, share them and follow them!

What is a Travel Joy Bot? They are dominoes with little bots drawn on them. While they may look like a two year old drew them they are actually drawn by myself, my sister and my sister in-law. And just never you mind how old we are 8)

These are inspired by the site BotJoy where people are encouraged to "steal this idea".

My first 5 Travel Joy Bots. I went with an Alien theme since I was traveling to Nevada to see 
the Extraterrestrial Hwy and Area 51.

I decided to keep Rex the Alien. He's so very photogenic! This is Rex outside the gates of 
Area 51. Sadly he did not find any of his friends. Stay tuned to see more of his adventures.

What does a Travel Joy Bot do? Why bring joy of course! We have started to leave these little Travel Joy Bots in random places starting on a 3 week road trip through the South West and California.

The Little A'Le'Inn and Cafe on the Extraterrestrial Hwy.
Rachel, Nevada - September 2018

Left 2 Travel Joy Bots in the Geocache inside the Little A'Le'Inn Cafe.

What do I do if I find a Travel Joy Bot? First of all give yourself a high five for finding one. Then give the little guy a hug. They love hugs! Then take a picture of your Travel Joy Bot. Maybe with you, with something that makes you happy or with something strange and awesome. Then send the photo to us at thelittlejournalexperiment[AT]msn[DOT]com and let us know where you found the bot. All photos will be posted here on the blog so we can follow their adventures.

Little Free Library in Las Vegas, Nevada.
September 2018

Left 2 Travel Joy Bots inside.

Then it's up to you. Keep them and give them a good home or release them back into the wild and leave them somewhere for someone else to find. Or you can send them to someone. These little bots would love to see the world. It's up to you but we would sure love to see photos.

Little Free Library in Taos, New Mexico
October 2018

Left 2 Travel Joy Bots inside.


  1. Stopped by the Lil' Ale E Inn and found a bot! Bringing it to Vegas and will drop it off in a Geocache

    1. Great!!! Thanks for moving him along. Would love to see a photo of the bot somewhere or when you drop it.